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Excursions Sivota

Suggested excursions

1st (70 kilometers) Aquatic Park Perdika-Parga:
Wander for almost a kilometre in the majestic area of Perdika Admire aionovia trees, crystal waters, waterfalls, old bridges, and the unique fauna of the region.
Continue your trip to graphically Parga with beautiful coastal road with cafeterias, the castle and katafyto island opposite the church.

2nd (120 kilometers) Souli-Sources Acheron:
Visit the homes of Tzavella and Botsari, busts of heroes, the irresistible charm of the region with so much history that carries.
Ateniste the fortresses in Kiafa and Kougki, where 200 years ago Soulians wrote the story of courage and andreias with iroismous. Then, visit the sources of Acheron, site of special natural beauty, from where begins the mountain path «Skala of Tzavelainas», through which the Souliotisses come into the river.

3rd (150 kilometers) Visit the Kalama River Delta
Visit Delta Kalama from Igoumenitsa going to Sagiada by new motorway.
The river beds are full of trees which are gradually yielding place to armyrikia. Steers graze in large areas created by the river and flocks of wild horses roam is a pleasant surprise to us reserving the Delta.
To visit the islands in the Delta and to observe the thousands of nesting birds in wetlands, we should go with kaiki from nearby Sagiada.
We can plefsoume as the last bridge, and the path is magical!




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